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Internationally-known Intuitive,

Television & Radio host, Certified Hypnotherapist, Author


Joyce Keller has safely and successfully lead thousands of people to overcome life's difficulties, including the loss of loved ones, weight problems, substance abuse issues, and much more. Her many media appearances include The Oprah Winfrey Show, Coast to Cast AM, Geraldo Rivera, regular appearances on Good Morning America with Regis Philbin, and going head to head with Amazing Randi (and winning).

Honored in Simon & Schuster’s, Top 100 Psychics in America, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Television, Joyce Keller is the author of ten books including, Simon & Schuster’s 7 Steps to Heaven, How to Communicate with Those We’ve Loved and Lost, Adams Media, Calling All Angels, and St. Martin’s Press', The Complete Book of Numerology with co-author Jack Keller. Joyce headlined Lifetime Television's popular astrology column and authored the National Enquirer’s Angel Book series.  

Joyce is also the host of America’s longest-running, live intuitive advice program, “The Joyce Keller Show,” on the air since 1987 beginning on New York’s WGBB 1240 am, and heard internationally on Blogtalk Radio at

As Lifetime Television’s online columnist Joyce has written record-breaking love, romance, life, esp, astrology and sex columns. She has been a popular, repeat guest with Regis, Oprah, Geraldo, Tru/TV, Entertainment Tonight and most other national TV and radio shows.  

Joyce got her start in TV on New York’s Group W and VIACOM TV, hosting the “Psychic Insights Show.”




Astrologer, Medical Intuitive, Ayurvedic Specialist,


Dr. Scott Keller has been a New York State, Board-certified practicing chiropractic physician for 27 years, Astrologer, Medical Intuitive and Ayurvedic Physician. He worked as a practicing physician and metaphysician at the Association of Research and Enlightenment (.), The Edgar Cayce foundation in Manhattan which he began in 1995. Dr. Scott has reached epic proportion’s in treating over 10,000 patients during this time at the Cayce foundation.

His techniques are completely unique in treatment and involve not only the use of traditional Western allopathic medical approaches and chiropractic, but also the utilization of astrological, ayurvedic, and past life information. Dr. Scott’s track record spans a list of well-known celebrities from around the world and he always guarantees the success of his client.



Author, Artist,

CEO, Conceptual Engineer

Lane Keller is developing a new-paradigm in media with Steffen Rowe and Speak Project, designed to deliver truthful information in nonfiction, narrative and dramatic form, and music recalibrated to its divine state.

A former talent agent with the renowned Harry Abrams, her  breakthrough entreprenurial effort, The Young Filmmakers Workshop, was founded in partnership with Sundance Award-winning fillmmaker, Steve Yeager, as her answer to the institutionalized destruction of creativity in young people.

Committed to a holistic lifestyle from an early age, Lane has effectively dessiminated truthful information on pharmaceutical practices, vaccine dangers, FDA duplicities, and alternative treatment options. 

She writes in many genres including natural health, global history and politics, personal spirituality, and more. Keller's tour-de-force novel, A Covenant of Poppies, explores one thousand years of history leading to the destruction of Yugoslavia. Her fiction and non-fiction books have been published  by Butterworth Heinemann, Simon & Schuster, A.R.E. Press and Brooklyn Indie Press; short fiction has appeared internationally, and her plays have been produced at the NY Fringe, the New York Renaissance Festival, Fifth Wall Theatre Co., Childrens Theater Assoc., Baltimore Museum of Art, among others. She  is a recipient of a state grant for writing and graduate of NYU Gallatin.  

Lane's latest posts and videos can be found on and include the Hollyweird Series, Truth in 10, and more.



Joyce Keller Youtube

Joyce, Lane & Scott address universal questions with the help of the Master Teachers, high-level Galactics and wisdom of the ancients.

Channeling, healing and online readings.

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KELLEROLOGY Coffee for Body Types

We have been looking at products we use everyday, figuring out how to maximise their usage and put them to work for us while minimizing the detrimental effects that migt occur with regular usage.

What does America love?

What do busy people love? 

What do busy parents love when they’re trying to fit excercise and a healthy diet into their schedules? 

If you live for that morning aroma or spend an undue amount of time seeking out coffee drive-throughs, you've undoubtedly guessed correctly.  


Now, what problems do people have when it comes to supplements? 

We'll give you some answers. Most of them do not work; they are not sourced to their potential; they are grown in countries with poor standards; they are processed with chemicals we don’’t want in our bodies. But mostly--

Most supplements are “one-size-fits-all” and do not address our needs as individuals or our unique body chemistry!

This s where Ayurveda comes in.

Dr. Scott, in his 27 years of practice has uncovered certain herb combinations that work with specific body types. 

This, combined with an Ayurvedic understanding of body types has led us to discover the means of addressing people on an individual level.

The three of us have developed a protocol that utilizes these blends in an accelerated, healthy and long-lasting manner.

We are putting our coffee to work.

This means increasing your body’s power to shed weight.

This is done in a dramatic, yet healthful way.

These blends utilize pure, ethically sourced coffee beans, ground and lovingly infused with synergistic herbs 

while retaining the coffee flavor that we love.

These innovative coffee blends address your specific needs and go hand in hand with our unique body type analysis.


Kellerology coffee for 3 body types

Thank you, we will be in touch. For now take a coffee break :)

Thank you, we will send the link shortly!

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